If you have an injury or illness, it could pose a major strain on your finances since you won’t be able to work. It could be impossible to pay for the daily expenses in a household without the income you get from your work. Once an injury or illness stops you from working for more than 3 months, you may be eligible for reimbursement through a TPD or Total and Permanent Disability claim. To know more of this claim, keep on reading this article: 

What is a Total and Permanent Disability Claim? 

A Total and Permanent Disability or a TPD claim gives a consolidated amount of disability payment after an illness or injury that stops you from getting back to work. Generally, it’s compensated through your superannuation. Almost every Australian worker enrolls a superannuation fund as soon as they start a job and the majority of the funds cover TPD. Also, you can create a claim via private life insurance according to your policy. 

In a successful TPD claim, the amount paid varies for every person. Different factors can affect the amount of the lump sum that you will receive. Such factors include the severity of your illness or injury. The lump sum that you’ll get is meant to cover expenses like loss of income and medical bills. 

Who is entitled to get a TPD compensation? 

For one to be entitled to create a TPD compensation claim, you have to prove that your injury or illness has prevented you from working and stopped you from keeping on working any other occupation or job that you’re reasonably fit to. You will have to give medical evidence to prove your claim. 

Below are some of the disability types that might be covered by TPD: 

Speech impairment. 

Some mental health disorders 

Loss of sight 

Hearing loss 

You don’t have to attest that your illness or injury is due to someone else’s fault. You only have to prove that your illness or injury is serious enough that it greatly impacts your ability to work. 

How long would it take for a TPD claim to be approved? 

This could differ depending on the circumstances of an individual. In general, a TPD claim takes approximately 1 up to 3 months. You can contact and ask for the assistance of a professional compensation lawyer for you to have an idea about the accurate timeframe for your case. 

Ways to make a claim of TPD 

There are a few ways for you to make a TPD compensation claim. Some of this is through a separate insurance policy by submitting your claim to the insurance provider you have or through your superannuation by providing existing medical documentation, medical reports, and identification that supports your claim. 

Just remember that once a serious injury or illness is stopping you from earning an income, then you can make a TPD claim. Contact the best compensation specialists here now and we will help you with your claims.