The Silk Road of Pop is a unique educational tool addressing Uyghur history and contemporary cultural practices, the lived reality of ethic minorities in China, intergenerational and gender dynamics in Xinjiang, rural to urban migration, and the potential of an art form as a tool of resistance.

Over the past year, our team has travelled to universities and festivals globally bringing audiences a unique glimpse into the fraught province of Xinjiang in northwest China. Heralded “a dazzling documentary” by The Washington Post and winner of multiple awards including Best Canadian Film at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival and the Audience Award at CinemAsia Amsterdam, the documentary depicts the challenges of the Uyghur Muslim minority and the explosive music scene which results.

As such, our documentary is of value to various interest areas including East Asian Studies/Chinese Studies, Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, and Social Geography. We hope you will consider adding our film to your collection.

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On the distant northwest edge of China lies Xinjiang, a vast region of snow-capped mountains, barren deserts and gritty market cities. Here, along the ancient Silk Road, music is one of the hottest commodities: it is vibrant, infectious, and far-reaching, permeating every corner of the province. Yet, around the music lies a troubling reality. Engaged in an identity tug-of-war, the region’s main population – the Uyghur Muslims – are gradually watching their populations dwindle as they are engulfed by a predominant Han Chinese settlement. One of the very few documentaries to come out of Xinjiang, The Silk Road of Pop captures the challenges of a minority group in China and the explosive music scene which results.



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